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Village Wizardry

Loch Village
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A Harry Potter Original Character RPG.

The RPG excludes all book characters as much as possible unless references are to be made to them.

Set in a new wizarding village, the 'Loch Village', established post-second war (4 years after, 2001) in Northern Yorkshire. One can only enter by means of traveling up a narrow path between rocky walls topped with trees to an inconspicious portkey, the third fom last wooden post on a gate seemingly leading to nowhere in particular. It has all the comfort of Hogsmeade, but larger, more expansive, and there are little to no children (or people) there except in the summer. It has an old charm to it, with it's taverns and shops, restaurants and owlry, all of which decorate for the holidays. Behind the village, where the shops are less frequented, there is a lake rumored to be occupied by an ageless kelpie which drew the attention of the village's founder.

It is a peaceful place, an escape...so why isin't anyone ever there?

Note: These are buildings which are known to exist. Some are unnamed. Feel free to give them one or make your own.
The Goat and Rose Inn - The large tavern with a peculiar name towards the middle of the town. It is the tallest building and has several floors. The bottom floor is where the pub is located and dozens of comfortable wooden chairs, some seated around a huge fireplace. This hearth has been blocked by the floo network to keep traffic down. The upper floors are rooms to be rented.
Pipedream and Munster's First Editions - A book store that sells just about everything, but mostly that which appeals to the serious collector. Excellent deals. Owner haggles.
'Cafe near the entrance'- A quaint cafe with round tables and spindle-legged chairs.
Kettle's Pets- A pet shop owned by a miss Rosalie Kettle. She sells every sort of pet (that's legal), and even kittens for the less adventurous, but she can't promise they won't change colors.
'Restaurant on the lake'- Appears only when the lake is frozen over. Serves seafood and displays a large kelpie-shaped sign. No known name.
Potions Shop- Towards the end of the village, near the lake. Dusty shelves with questionable merchandise. No known name.
Sonorus- For the more socially active, it is a bar located atop a robe-fitting store where not-very-well-known musical artists come to offer acoustic performances. Strangely enough, no one has heard of it before. It's a wonder how they stay in business.
'Ice Cream Shop'-No known name.


We will need the following information posted on your User Info page BEFORE you apply. (It is suggested that you make a journal according to your character to describe his or her away-from-location actions, have a list of all the owls he or she sends to others, post prose about character, or simply just use as a journal for the character.) Send a note to one of the mods (preferred) or e-mail a note to the adress given for Loch Village. Then read the rules (below).

You may indeed have more than one character come into play, side characters or plot devices, but as long as they are not a main character (you determine that according to how often they're RPed) you may avoid filling out another one of these:

Character's Full Name:
A brief physical description:
A little history (birthplace and what have you):
Paragraph or so of an RP example:

Any other information, others will simply have to figure out for themselves through roleplay. What's an RPG with a full-out biography at the very start? There may be members of this community who have, outside of the community, decided that their charactrs have met before. This will be noticeable during roleplay.

We are primarily looking for members over the age of 15 that have participated in an RPG before and have some experience in writing and managing a livejournal. Reading the Potter books really helps, and knowing a little more than the average fanatic is a plus.

-Characters must be absolutely original. That is, they must have their own personality and quirks and may not be related to any characters from the actual Harry Potter books. Avoid going down the Mary Sue road. Animagi allowed. Don't go crazy with non-wizard, part humans please.
-If any of the moderators feel that you have not been participating as often as you should (Please post a least ONCE a week), you will notified.
-There will be no harassing other members or causing trouble unless it is an argument or ruckus caused by two characters.
-Keep cursing to a minimum. Any suggestive situations will not go beyond PG-13.
-Unforgivables (I highly doubt these will be used at all):
No. Don't use them unless it is absolutely necessary for the plot, and even then ask permission from moderators.
-If you are going to make an OOC post before an IC post, then please specify ( OOC:, "''", etc. ).
-No more than 4 main characters, use good judgement.
-Do not take control of other people's characters.
-Please, use common sense. We will love you for it.

If starting a new post, you must include:
Characters you want involved: (Which characters you want, specifically, to reply. Any? All?)
Where: (Where in the village to begin with? Obviously locations might change.)

How to make an LJ cut:

-User icons usually center around the character being played.-

Then READ! That's the best advice I can give. After that you should be able to figure out how to go about participating. If you need further help, please contact one of the mods.

(In order joined.)

walk500more - Louis Radley Ikutsan
kagen_mccree - Kagen Alarick McCree
eireforthecup - Arianna LeFay
thenerdname - Adaman Owen Knaughts
tara_heart - Tara Heart

(Updated January 03, 2006 - Happy New Year!)